The advantages of krill oil over traditional fish oil


TIENS, a Chinese multinational conglomerate, wanted to educate consumers about the advantages of krill oil over traditional fish oil.
The Infografitti team not only collected data and visualized the benefits of krill oil, but also put things into context by demonstrating how the intake of krill oil can positively influence obesity and heart disease.

The infographic generated positive coverage for TIENS and its products.


According to World Health Organization, the Ischaemic heart disease has been among the top 10 major killers of people worldwide for the past 15 years. The disease is caused by decreased oxygen flow to the heart, due to arteries narrowed by fatty deposits.

Luckily, up to 80% of the fatalities can be prevented by changes in diet, regular exercise and giving up smoking. Eating fish, which contains Omega 3 fatty acids, two times per week decreases the mortality risk by 36%

There is, however, an even better source of Omega 3 – krill oil, which is extracted from a tiny shrimp-like animal – the antarctic krill.

Krill oil is 48 times more powerful anti-oxidant than fish oil and reduces fatty deposits of the heart with the remarkable 42%. Moreover krill oil is digested more quickly and easily. Additional health benefits include also: maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, preventing inflammation, improving brain function and memory, assisting the proper function of the nervous system.

As an ecologically produced natural product, krill oil is a good food supplement suggestion for people within the high-risk group for cardiovascular diseases, as well as people over the age of 55.

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