Tuition-free Kindergartens Help Integrate the Socially Disadvantaged

Our client, Trust for Social Acheivement (TSA) is a foundation that helps socially disadvantaged Bulgarians to rise from poverty by providing opportunities for healthcare, education and employment.
The Infograffiti team created an infographic to illustrate the positive effects that free early childhood education can have for society.

According to an “Alpha Research” survey, 75% of Bulgarians believe that early childhood education for 3-4 year olds should be free of charge. The respondents think that this would have a number of positive effects for both children and their parents.
First and foremost, more children would attend kindergarten, which, 46% of the interviewed agree, will prepare them better for starting school. Additional positive effects would be improved social skills, tollerance and acceptance of the differences.
Free kindergarten education would have more benefits– about half (47%) of the respondents stated that parents would most likely feel more supported by the government. This will allow more people to re-join the workforce.

The biggest concern with free education, shared by 42% of the survey respondents, is the expected lack of spaces in kindergartens. About a third of the interviewed (26.5%) also consider the increased burden on the state budget.
Says Evgenia Volen, Director of Pre-school programs at the TSA “Having tuition-free kindergarten is a good practice to bridge the social gap by providing early educational opportunities to the economically disadvantaged.” Indeed, half of the EU countries provide education free of charge to all children over the age of 3.

TSA Preschool Education Infographic Final

Posted on October 16, 2017 in CSR infographics

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