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The advantages of krill oil over traditional fish oil

THE CASE STUDY TIENS, a Chinese multinational conglomerate, wanted to educate consumers about the advantages of krill oil over traditional fish oil. The Infografitti team not only collected data and visualized the benefits of krill oil, but also put things into context by demonstrating how the intake of krill oil can positively influence obesity and…

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Can Spirits production fuel economic growth in Romania?

THE CASE STUDY: Our client – the Romanian Spirits Association – wanted us to help them build a positive image of the industry. Their goal was to raise awareness about the alcohol producers contribution to the local economy. Infografitti used a number of strong visual metaphors to represent the negative impact of increased taxes and…

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Visualizing Food Waste Issues

Around 90 million tons of edible food are wasted each year in the EU. To help you visualize – this the equivalent of every EU citizen throwing away 115 kilograms of food – enough to feed 200 million people. At the same time, statistics show that 79 million people in Europe live below the poverty…

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“Thracian gold” is the Colour of 2017

“Thracian gold” is selected by the Association of interior designers in Bulgaria and Orgachim as 2017’s “Color of the year”. The choice was made after the experts analyzed the global tendencies in design and looked at various color and material samples. “Thracian gold” follows the current international trend for nature shades (“Greenery” being PANTONE’s choice…

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Bulgarian Expedition Conquers Cerro Torre in Patagonia #infographic

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